Hemorrhoid Treatment nursing mothers

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Hemorrhoids, also known as hemorrhoids, a common condition that afflict anyone at least once before turning 70 years old. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are particularly prone to this problem. It is characterized by the swelling of blood vessels and tissues found in the rectum and internal and external part of the anal canal, which

o extreme discomfort around the anal area, which sits
during o pain defecation
o light-colored stains of blood in the stool
o tender palpable nodules around the anus
o Anal itching

Why Lead Maternity hemorrhoids?
Women go through many physical changes after pregnancy and childbirth. These changes are the root cause of the development of hemorrhoids. Some of the major causes of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

o increasing pressure on the baby: This pressure leads to the expansion of the rectal veins.
o hormonal changes in the body progesterone levels in the body to rise significantly. This makes the gastrointestinal tract is slow, which increases the intestinal absorption of water from the waste. This hardens the stool is constipation.
o Decreased physical activity: During pregnancy, women tend to reduce physical activity, which will increase the constipation.

What are the effective hemorrhoid treatments nursing mothers?
Many nursing mothers should avoid because of concerns the drugs associated with drugs that affect the child. Such mothers may use a variety of home and natural remedies to treat hemorrhoids:

Herb: Industrial natural products such as witch hazel, calendula, yarrow and shea butter, these drugs

o Are free side effects
o Enter the durable and non-surgical solution
o Enter the bloodstream to facilitate easy bowel movements
o normalize the blood flow to the rectal area
o Act as a natural anesthetic
o Provide instant of pain and discomfort
o offer immediate assistance due to irritation damaged rectal tissues
o accelerate healing torn and damaged tissues in the anal area

Essentials oils: essential oils such as peppermint oil and lavender oil is botanical vitamins, hormones and antibiotics, all of which help to eliminate hemorrhoids. These oils are 75-100 times as much as the dried herbs. Since this oil is very effective in only a small amount is needed to provide relief. Essential oils:

o There are natural treatments safe breastfeeding mothers and babies
o the bleeding immediately
o provide instant relief from pain
o Reduces swelling and heal hemorrhoids

a nursing mothers to increase fiber intake as well as fiber softens and increases the bulk of stools. This will help ease bowel movements and prevent hemorrhoids.

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