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Has anyone ever tell you that persistent? Instead of rising tempers, treat this as a compliment. The reason is that breastfeeding is the professional you are expected to be tenacious and persistent. The nursing profession has never been for the faint of heart. One is to have an iron will to survive and succeed in nursing.

Nursing is a difficult task, and there is no sugar-coated. Most would like to romanticize and think that it's about the people and well to the community. No argument there, but one also has to work doubly hard if one is to help and care for people.

Endurance property that most nurses need. It is like developing a thick skin and do not know when to give up. When a person entered nursing school, there is a different expectation from you. Just imagine if you just quit in the first year of care? The character does not indicate that?

When you begin your nursing career, you will experience various difficulties. Most people give up is always possible. This is true even care but I do not consider yourself as a real nurse when you leave the slightest sign of discomfort.

nurses meant to last. When faced with adversity, you can push it and continue the determination and perseverance. There is no such thing as giving up and throwing in the towel. This is not an option, which is under investigation by nurses. Instead, when the going gets tough, and nurses will look for solutions to. They have several game plans so that if one fails, then there is another strategy that they can use.

No wonder that most people trust the sisters very much. This is because they see that the do-or-die attitude of nurses. If the patient hope, you just have to look for a nurse, and feel that they are guided in a way that motivates them to feel better. In a way, nurses can drill sergeants, but humane manner. They are boring and nag patients to the ultimate goal, which is to the right.

Success who tried, until they reach success. Failure along the way, it should be seen as something that must be overcome.

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